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Interactive U - Board
uBoard will be the most practical portable interactive whiteboard system you have ever experienced. It is possible by adopting PenAndFree’s patented technologies and rich experiences in digital writing system.

uBoard These features enable uBoard digital interactive whiteboard to be positioned as a unique system in this market with fully satisfying performance, quality, stability user convenience and even price.

For any place prepared beam projector, computer and flat surface, uBoard portable interactive whiteboard simply makes it INTERACTIVE lecture environment without limitation.

uBoard portable interactive whiteboard system allows you experience the best writing quality with smooth writing touch, brush effects without programming virtual pressure, and also high resolution and high sensitivity.

Portable interactive whiteboard’s excellent usability will satisfy customers with slim & distinctive stylish interactive board, wireless function, high portability and rechargeable battery. uBoard digital interactive whiteboard is equipped with a laser pointer and 100% compatible with Microsoft.

Digital Pen :

Digital pen for uBoard digital interactive whiteboard is ideally designed to support upto120 inches as effective working area. It adopted many key features to maximize user convenience. uBoard digital pen is using rechargeable battery to avoid environment contamination with maximizing user convenience.

In order to recharge digital pen safely, please use recharging cable enclosed in the package. Connect the recharging terminal of the cable to the recharging hole at the end of pen body and plug USB knob to computer.

MINT Interactive :

MINT Interactive is very powerful software of interactive whiteboard system. Its rich functions and gallery software are very useful for lecture environment.

As MINT Interactive (digital interactive whiteboard software) is placed on the top layer with full transparency for any application run on your computer, you can put annotation or draw pictures without limitation.

In order to use MINT Interactive, proper devices (Table pen station) should be firstly connected and configured by your computer. Thus, connect USB cable of the station to USB port on your PC, and execute MINT Interactive by clicking its icon on the Windows desktop. Alternatively, you can invoke it directly from installation CD.
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