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AvecoeGuru Infrared Interactive Whiteboard
Engage the generation of digital nature with touchable infrared interactive whiteboard. The AvecoeGuru series IWB is touchable and d urable. You can write or draw on the board with a finger or any non-transparent objects. Never worry about the scratches. Besides, it recognizes your hand gestures and supports multi-touch function.
Touch sensitive Infrared sensor responds extremely quick & precise to every touch by hand, penor any non-transparent objects. Multi-touch You could start the software by palm. Zoom in, zoom out or rotate pictures by two or more fingers.
Overcome keystone distortion AvecoeGuru IR IWB can still position accurately even if the projector's display on the board has keystone problem. Self-inspection Automatically inspect module defects. That will simplify the maintenance.
Touch Sensitive Hand Gesture Recognition
Multi-Touch Function Overcome Keystone Distortion
Support Dual User/5-Point Touch Anti-Scratches
Intelligent Pen Tray Self-Inspection Function
2.4G RF Wireless Connection Module Built-in Amplifier and Microphone
Moving Stand, Height Adjustable  
AvecoeGuru Software is Delivered as Standard Package :
Multiple Language Annotate on any files and save
Various Digital Inks Work Seamlessly with Microsoft Office files
Operation System : Windows2000,XP,2003,Vista,WIN7,Linux,Mac
Electric Character Product Character
Sensor Type Electromagnetic Induction Dimension Refer to below
Operating Current <70 mA (USB Direct Power ) Working Temperature
/ Storage Temperature
- 20 ℃ to + 60 ℃
/ 4-0 ℃ to + 70 ℃
Signal Interface (Wireless, Optional) Working Humidity
/ Storage Humidity
10% to 90%
/ 20% to 93% (40 ℃)
USB Cable Length 6 m as standard,
20 m at max for option
Transferring Rate 12 m/s Shortcut Customized
Cursor Speed
180 dot/s Stand Moving Stand, Height
Anti-Light Intensity Direct Under the Sunlight Wall Mounting Accessories Standard Package
Position Precision < 0.1 mm Intelligent Pen Standard Package
Scanning Speed 16 ms at the first dot,
8 ms for continuous dot
Pointer Laser pointer (optional)
Resolution Rate 4096 X 4096 Wireless Module 2.4G RF, Optional
Operating System Windows2000,XP,2003,Vista,
Viewing Angle 160°up&down,
Model Type Overall Dimension(mm) Projection Size(mm) Aspect Ratio
AvecoeGuru IR40A 976*814*36 816*654 4:3
Model Type Overall Dimension(mm) Projection Size(mm) Aspect Ratio
AvecoeGuru IR40A 976*814*36 816*654 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR40AW 1056*654*36 896*494 16:9
AvecoeGuru IR52A 1216*974*36 1056*814 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR60A 1412*1082*36 1252*922 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR72A 1652*1240*36 1492*1080 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR80A 1816*1410*36 1656*1250 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR82B 1900*1240*36 1740*1080 16:10
AvecoeGuru IR88AW 2144*1240*36 1984*1080 16:9
AvecoeGuru IR92A 1980*1574*36 1820*1414 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR92AW 2145*1322*36 1985*1162 16:9
AvecoeGuru IR100AW 2397*1410*36 2237*1250 16:9
AvecoeGuru IR110AW 2561*1574*36 2401*1414 16:9
AvecoeGuru IR76 1754*1254*36 1670*1170 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR78 1874*1144*36 1790*1060 16:10
AvecoeGuru IR85 1770*1260*36 1710*1200 4:3
AvecoeGuru IR101 2280*1270*36 2180*1170 16:9
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