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Aveco eGuru Electro Magnetic Series  |   Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard
AVECO eGuru electromagnetic interactive whiteboard comes with an electromagnetic pen which makes your manipulation more convenient. With the dual buttons, users just simply press them to write, select or move page during the presentations. The aluminum alloy frame and hard surface could fully realize the reliability and durability.
Durable Surface With the aluminum alloy frame and XPS board, it helps to avoid distortion greatly. Thinner Frame 50mm width in the four sides could increase the effective writing area.
Anti-interference No influence of electromagnetisms and rays. Humanized manipulation Easy click the electromagnetic pen to imitate the mouse functions.
Anti-interference of Electromagnetism & Rays USB Power Only
Support Dual User Thinner Frame as 50mm
Humanized Electromagnetic Pen  
2.4G RF Wireless Module USB Extender
Built-in Speaker Shortcut Keys
Mobile Stand  
AvecoeGuru Software is Delivered as Standard Package :
Multiple Language Annotate on any files and save
2 electromagnetic pens Work Seamlessly with Microsoft Office files
Operation System : Windows2000,XP,2003,Vista,WIN7,Linux,Mac
Sensor Type Electromagnetic Induction Dimension Refer to below
Power Supply USB power less than 5V/100Am Working Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Accuracy <0.05mm Working Humidity 10%-90%
Viewing Angle 170° left and right / 160° up and down Data Transmission USB cable or wireless module
Resolution Effective writing resolution above 13304*9800 Response speed Signal tracking: 5m/s
Processing: >500 dot/s transmission
Calibration Technology 4 points Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9, 16:10
Electronic Pen 1*AA battery Operating System Windows2000,XP,2003,
Model Type Overall Dimension(mm) Active Size(mm) Dimension
EM-78 1754*1254*36 1670*1170 4:3
EM-78W 1874*1144*36 1790*1060 16:10
EM-85 1770*1260*36 1710*1200 4:3
EM-101 2280*1270*36 2180*1170 16:9
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